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Private Sector
Longwood Apartment Complex, Atlanta, Georgia

Longwood Apartment Complex, Atlanta, Georgia

Customer Challenges
  • 11 dumpsters occupied 14 parking places for this 256 unit apartment complex
  • Overall property appearance needed improvement
  • Tenants complained about litter, rodents, insects, and odors
  • Monthly waste bill was excessive ($1,500 per month)
Stribling Systems Solution

After considering the three options of purchase, lease, or rental, Longwood elected to purchase the Nomad with 30 cubic yard capacity. They have accomplished their objective of improving the site appearance and sanitary conditions, reducing costs and freeing up 14 parking places.

Customer Quote
"It's a lot cleaner, and there's a lot less garbage on the ground. I used to pay a lot more...the county was charging (our complex) whether the dumpster was empty or overflowing."
- Carlos Giordano, Maintenance Supervisor