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Innovative Products

A key element of our success lies in our ability to think outside the box and to develop smart waste management solutions. Stribling Systems designed, engineered and patented the Nomad, the only portable yet powerful self-contained waste compactor, in 1993. The Nomad is a perfect example of a smart, flexible solution to a common high volume waste management challenge.

The Nomad's unique feature of total portability is derived from its ability to function from two different power sources. The unit can be operated from a standard 110 Volt outlet or from a special plug installed on a service vehicle utilizing 12 Volt current. The Nomad can be up and running at virtually any site, moments after delivery.

Stribling Systems has coupled the Nomad with unsurpassed turnkey contract services for our high volume customers in education, government and the private sector. Our Smart Waste Management Plan:

Eliminates overflow and missed pick-ups
Cuts costs
Improves sanitary conditions
Reduces truck traffic, CO2 emissions, and wear and tear on your roads
Puts trash where it should be – out of sight and out of mind

Incorporating the Nomad into our waste management strategy has proven to be a winning solution for our customers, and we are proud to be the only company in the country to offer this smart solution.

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