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Company Overview

Stribling Systems, Inc. is a Georgia corporation founded in 1993. Equipment manufacturing, specifically the invention of the patented Nomad waste compactor, was the initial charter of the company. At the turn of the century the board of directors made the move to expand into a full service waste management company with national reach.

In late 2006 the board of directors expanded the breadth and scope of the company by entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with Phoenix Solutions, Inc., a Small Disadvantaged Native American-owned company. This teaming approach now provides a vehicle for our government customers to take advantage of our smart waste management solutions and services, and meet their minority obligations.

Today the company's core competencies include waste equipment manufacturing, waste collection and disposal, recycling, and the development of greener and smarter waste management strategies. The management team of Stribling Systems is dedicated to providing our customers with equipment and application options that not only meet their needs but also support a more sustainable environment. This philosophy has served the company well for more than a decade, and has set Stribling Systems apart from the larger public companies in the waste management industry.

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