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Do you have large volumes of waste & recyclables?
Do you have our environment in mind?
Are you ready to implement creative changes to everyday services?

If yes, then Stribling Systems is right for you. By choosing Stribling Systems, you can expect to:

Receive excellent project planning, management and implementation.
Eliminate unsightly waste management practices.
Reduce truck traffic to your property, resulting in less CO2 emissions and less wear and tear on your drives and lots.
Improve sanitary conditions and aesthetics on your property, resulting in a higher quality image for your residents, customers, students and/or employees.
Reduce internal labor by simplifying the waste management process.

Stribling Systems has a proven track record of providing smart solutions and services for the school systems, government and private sector:

School Systems
School Systems are our flagship accounts. We currently provide financial and environmental savings to multiple systems.

Public and Private K-12
University Systems

Stribling Systems is a CCR registrant and Certified Small Business. We have teaming arrangements in place with Phoenix Solutions, Inc. SDB (Native American).

NAIC Codes: 562111,562119,562212,562219,562920,332421,332429
SIC Codes: 4953
Product Service Code: S205
Federal Supply Classification: 4540

Military Installations: barracks, mobile operations, base operations,
The Core of Engineers: park systems, military support
FEMA / Homeland Security: emergency response, disaster relief

Private Sector
Multi-family complexes
Industrial facilities
Commercial facilities