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City of Savannah, Georgia

City of Savannah, Georgia

Customer Challenges
  • Hundreds of frontload containers; aesthetically displeasing
  • Multiple frontload containers per site
  • Daily heavy frontload truck service
  • Damage to historical cobblestone road beds
  • Very congested collection routes, tourism (downtown, old city, tight allies)
  • Heavy tourism
  • Safety concerns (large trucks backing up + people = risk)
  • Rodents, insects, leaking & odor in and around collection sites
  • Sanitary issues concern business users
Stribling Systems Solution
  • Development of a Smart Waste Management Plan by SSI
  • Procurement options provided by SSI
  • Equipment contracted for SSI from SCCPS
  • Onsite surveys conducted with Public Works Director
  • Infrastructure improvements where needed
  • Nomad compactors manufactured and delivered by SSI
  • Installation and services begin
Quick Facts About Savannah, Georgia
  • Chartered in 1789
  • Current City Operations, Solid Waste Management budge = $40,600,000
  • Spans approximately 78 square miles and has a population of over 300,000
  • Major Colleges and Universities include Savannah State University, Armstrong Atlantic State, Technical Institute, and Savannah College of Art and Design
Customer Quote
"Managing waste removal in one of the oldest cities in the country is a tremendous challenge, narrow allies, close building and high tourism traffic. Since I discovered Stribling Systems and procured their Nomad compactors six years ago my job has become much easier. We have virtually eliminated all of the problems we previously experienced as well as improved our service to our customers. This could not have been done without the expert help and innovative equipment approach offered by Stribling Systems."
- Jimmy Rhodes, Director of Sanitation Services